Slimline AC LVDT

9.5mm dia | Ultraprecise | Model Series ‘AM’

Series AM, Slimline AC LVDT are designed for application where space is restricted. House in just 9.5 / 12.7 mm diameter stainless steel housing, these LVDTs provide excellent accuracy, linearity and repeat-ability. Body length starts as small as 36mm. These are perfect for applications in those tight spaces. Manual dial gauge replacement is an application where these are used mostly by our clients.

These are AC LVDT and hence require external Signal Conditioners. You can find them here.

A LVDT is a displacement and position measurement sensor/transducer which offer excellent alternative to manual measurement methods. Principal of operation is based on Inductance. There are no moving parts in a LVDT therefore these offer longer life over any other optical or capacitive measurement methods.

Learn more about LVDTs here. You can post your specifics questions there. An excellent Wikipedia article on LVDT can be found here

Detailed datasheet

Instruction Manual

  • Slimline AC LVDT
  • NABL* Accredited Calibration
  • 9.5 mm Diameter
  • AC Output ( need external conditioner)
  • Non-linearity as low as 0.25%
  • Rugged Construction
  • Available models upto 80mm
  • Upto 60°C operating temp


We provide import substitute or custom design based on your application. Please contact us with more details at [email protected]


Winding Configuration
Inductive LVDT
1 to 5V rms, 2 ~5 khz sinewave
Temperature range  
upto 60ºC ( Models upto 200ºC available. Click here)
Temp Coeff( % FSR)    
Zero: < 0.02 per ºC Output:  < 0.05 per ºC Housing dia
Core rod dia        
2.0 mm
Spring Return
Optional spring return
Standard: 6 core PTFE( Teflon) flying leads
Optional: Cable upto 50 mtrs.

MODELFull Stroke Range
001AM±1mm/ 0~2mm
002AM±2mm/ 0~4mm
005AM±5mm/ 0~10mm
010AM±10mm/ 0~20mm
015AM±15mm/ 0~30mm
020AM±20mm/ 0~40mm
025AM±25mm/ 0~50mm
030AM±30mm/ 0~60mm
040AM±40mm/ 0~80mm

*NABL – National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories New Delhi

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