12/24/±15 V DC Input

±5VDC/0~10VDC/4..20mA Output

Built in Noise Cancellation 

Simultaneous Card Usage

Non-linearity as low as 0.3%

Rugged Construction

Upto 50°C operating temp

Lifetime Warranty

NABL Accredited Calibration

Signal Conditioners / Amplifiers for AC LVDT Sensors

Compact Size | Economical | Precise

These Signal Conditioners have been designed to accept AC LVDTs of any standard make or model and are suitable in many different applications. They  incorporate sinusoidal excitation oscillator, signal amplifier, phase sensitive demodulator, low‐pass filter. An output scaling stage amplifier  is also integrated to provide voltage or 4 to 20 mA output proportional to the core‐rod displacement of the connected LVDT. A LVDT Amplifier is a necessary requirement for operating AC LVDT.


We provide import substitute or custom design based on your application. Please contact us with more details at [email protected]

Buy Option

Available next to individual model.

AC301±15V DC Input | 0~10/±5 V DC OutputCard: 160x100mm
AC302±15V DC Input | 4..20mA OutputCard: 160x100 mm
AI301-230M230VAC Input | 0~10/±5 V DC OutputBox: 192x96x200 mm
AI301-230MA230VAC Input | 4..20mA OutputBox: 192x96x200 mm
AI301-24S24VDC Input | 0~10/±5 V DC OutputBox: 180x110x25mm
AI301-24SA24VDC Input | 4..20mA OutputBox: 180x110x25mm
AC305±15V DC Input | 0~10/±5 V DC Output
(NEW Small Size)

Acceptable Transducer
3‐/4‐/5‐ or 6‐wire AC LVDT

Input/ output/ power termination
Large screw terminals*Card type models
5Pin MS Connector *Box type models

LVDT Excitation
Factory set to 2V rms, 2kHZ.
Can be set from 1.6 to 2.4 v rms through on‐ board trim‐pot. Against special orders this card can be supplied with factory setting
of excitation voltage up to 5 V rms and any frequency from 1kHz to 3 kHz.

Current Output: *Related Models
Can be set to 4‐to‐20 mA corresponding to full stroke range of the connected LVDT through on‐board trim‐pot.
Phase‐lag/lead adjust: Through on‐ board trim‐pot.

Voltage Output:*Related Models
Can be set to any voltage up to +/‐5 volt or 0~10VDC corresponding to full
stroke range of the connected LVDT through on‐board trim‐pot.

Phase‐lag/lead adjust
Through on‐ board trim‐pot.

Zero Adjust
Output voltage can be set to zero volt at any position
of the core‐rod within the full stroke range of the connected LVDT.

Temperature Rating

*NABL – National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories New Delhi

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