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For years AGMPL has been making inductive displacement transducers, which can be used universally for  measuring displacement in conjunction with AC LVDT signal conditioners, Digital Indicators and Microprocessor based Acquisition system. There area of application varies from precision measurement in the µm range to simple displacement monitoring during manufacturing and assembly or the supervision of construction products. The LVDT  displacement measurement principle has penetrated many sectors of industry and research because it is both robust  and maintenance free
Name Range Type Details Specifications
Large Bore 20~200mm AC 38mm housing dia pdf / view
Process Measurement 50~750mm DC 24V I/P , 4..20mA O/P pdf / view
Precision Gauging 1~20mm AC Highly Accurate pdf / view
Standard LVDT 1~600mm AC General use pdf / view
Slim line LVDT 1~80mm AC 9.5mm dia pdf / view
Standard LVDT 1~600mm DC General use 10VDC O/P pdf / view
Through Bore 20~600mm AC Through Hole pdf / view
Through Bore 20~600mm DC Through Hole pdf / view
Waterproof LVDT 1~20mm AC Waterproof pdf / view
Radial Lead Standard AC LVDT AC   pdf / view
Radial Lead Standard   DC       pdf / view
Long Range Position Transducers           pdf / view
Custom Designed        
AC LVDT with Rubber Bellows ±20mm AC For Sugarcane Plants pdf / view
LVDT for Naval Gun Control ±4mm AC For Warship Guns pdf / view
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