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Company Overview
The starting of AG Measurematics goes further back then its inception date of 1993. In the year 1976 Mr Alok Chandra Gupta a fresh engineering graduate from University of Roorkee co-founded New Engineering Enterprises . One of the first product he designed and manufactured was a home inverter and stabilizer. Since then we worked in diverse areas manufacturing testing systems and test rigs including systems for Dams, Missiles, Soil Testing, Test Rigs, etc.

Since we were working in various fields our products range got immensely huge and In the year 1993 we decided to established AG Measurematics Pvt Ltd with primary focus on Special Purpose Machines, Displacement Sensors, Test Rigs and Data Acquisition system.

By the year 2003 we were developing systems and test rigs for major automotive components manufacturers around the country like Test Rigs for Ball stud joints, Windshield Glass, Power window assembly, Wires, Switches, Import substitute sensors for ISRO, Note Press Sensors, Motorcycles, Steering Wheels, Shock Absorbers and others.

As Test & Measurement is a vast area in itself, we decided to focus in six separate areas with the primary aim to serve better in each areas with engineers who specialize in their respective fields.
Divisions & Departments
Automotive Engineering Group
Having worked with companies like Minda Rika, Minda Huf, Bajaj, Hero Honda, Asahi, Sun Steering, Amar Engineering, Endurance Systems, Munjal Showa and so many other pioneers in the automotive sector we have got an in-depth understanding about the procedures being followed in automotive world. The systems which we designed and developed were not only state of the art but also easy to operate for a normal shop floor operator. Right from basic stand alone operation to a fully computerized multi-operational test centre we work with dedication to give you a truly unique system.
Test rigs for Fighter jets and aircrafts are also being designed and developed by our Automotive Engineering group.
Railway Equipment Division
This division takes care of equipments designed and developed for Engine Testing and Testing of subcomponents of Wagons and Bogies. From simple Yoke and bolster test rig to a much more complex computerized water load box for diesel loco, we have engineered a new class of testing system previously unknown to manufacturers. Following our philosophy to keep measurement simple, we take care that these systems can be operated by any operator with basic educational qualifications. Also since the environment of railway component manufacturers is very hostile we take every care to design a system to sustain in extreme conditions. Largest consumer to our products is Indian Railways where we have installed more then 24 Testing System out of 32 Test Centers they have. Also such a system was commissioned by Sri Lankan Railways. Other clients include Texmaco Ltd, Burn & Standard, Jupiter Alloys and Steel, Frontier Alloys, AD Electro steel, Escorts Ltd, Gresham Ltd, Knorr Brehmse and others.
Geotechnical Engineering
For testing the properties of soil , concrete, cement, and other geotechnical parameters, we manufacture various machines and systems. Our systems are being used extensively in the premier educations institutions like IITs, NITs, IISc, PEC, research establishments like CRBI, CRRI, in India and around the world by University of Western Ontario Canada, Building and research centre Iran, Malaysia, Philippines etc. Since these systems have to be operated in open environment, we design these systems to be rugged, reliable and portable. Some of the equipments which are exclusively being manufactured by us are IS:5249 setup, Triaxial Testing Machines, Consolidation Testing Machines, Strain Measurement Systems, Weather monitoring systems and environmental sensors.
Material Testing Group
MTMG is one of our largest business group contributing around 23% to our annual sales. Here we manufacture Testing Machines like Spring Testing Machines, Endurance Testing Machines, Material Testing Machines, Torque Testing Machines, Special Purpose Machines and also upgrade older machines manufactured by Zwick, Showa, FIE etc. All our machines are fully calibrated with calibration traceability to NPL. Most of these machine are Fully Computerized Testing Systems with touch panel controlled operation. The hardware, software, mechanical and electronics is done in-house by our dedicated team of engineers. Some of our clients for this include Ordnance Factory Board , GK Springs, Ranoson Springs, Rambal Industries, Minda Group, Vijay Chandra Industries etc. For a complete list of over 200 clients kindly contact our sales office.
Hydro Power Engineering
Under this division we manufacture and design systems for small hydro power plants. Since we understand the critical nature of a power plant, our systems are designed to work 24 hours and day 7 days a week and 365 days an year. The products include, Sensors, Software, Hydro Governors, water level monitoring systems.
Sensors & Systems
This is our oldest and the largest business group. AG Measurematics is the largest manufacturer of Displacement Sensors in India. We are the only company manufacturing the slimmest 9.5 mm dia DC LVDT in India with more then 300 different kind of displacement sensors. The monthly output is around 550 sensors
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